The Best Local & Long Distance Movers are Ninjas

Win-win-win, that’s what we’re all about at Black Belt Movers. Born in the Elkhorn neighborhood of Omaha, we’ve offered the region professional, approachable and affordable moving services for more than nine years now. Every one of our owners is active in their area, from the San Diego to Sioux City, but are still held to the accountability of a national company, and with the resources to boot.


To be the 1% that makes you never want to use another moving company ever again. To change your everyday idea of what movers are like. To use our Mad Ninja Skills to not only make your move enjoyable but to show you what dedicated, honest, affordable, and friendly movers are truly like. Lastly, we want you to hear Ninja movers and already know who they are talking about.


To move every person with a smile on our face and to give a second opportunity to those who may not have had a good first impression on what it means to have amazing movers. We are going to keep moving and growing until we have a small army of ninja's moving across this nation. It's our ninja way!


Honestly, our values are YOU. The Midwest is where we started and that is where you will find our heart. We hold our values high and you will find every one of our movers shares that same sentiment. We love moving but even more so we love the people we move.

Exceptional Customer Support & Service

We are proud to give the best to our customers, which in turn does the best for our owners, and lets Black Belt Movers continue to provide the most excellent moving services Ninja san could ask for.