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At Black Belt Movers we standardize our rates to keep things simple and transparent for our customers. We do not charge any additional fees for mileage**, fuel or the types of objects we move for you (though you’re gonna owe us some major kudos for moving your third cousin Bessie’s “unique” rock collection). Please see the table below for our standard rates for movers and trucks.

Please note: mad Ninja skills included in all rates.
On local moves only

Movers Trucks Hourly Rate Minimum Hours
2 0 $70** 1 hr minimum on all
non truck moves
3 0 $105** 1 hr minimum on all
non truck moves
2 1 $105 No minimum
3 1 $140 No minimum
Additional Movers/Trucks $35 each

**Rates subject to change on Friday & Saturday (Non-Truck Moves Only)


Packers Hourly Rate
2 $70*
3 $105*
Additional Packers $35 each*

*Plus cost of supplies

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